Global Impex was founded as a Unique and Special Import Export Agent and Distributor company.


Importing the needed commodities to Egypt, raw materials, technological items needed, etc… Moreover, Importing to others and Sourcing service as well from All over the World.


Global Impex Exports from Egypt to the World, Egyptian products fully complying with International Standards, and with extra ordinary special prices.  As a matter of fact, we do export from any country to any country Worldwide.


Global Impex works as: Agents, exclusive Distributorships and Agencies for commodities needed in Egypt, choosing the right item required and with best quality and best pricing for the Egyptian market.


Being an Exclusive agency / distributer we do have our local sub distributors all over the country for the right commodity.

About Us


Our Vision 

We target to be the Most well-known and successful Import Export Agents and Distributor Company in  North Africa within the next 5 years.

Our Mission 

Global Impex is committed to deal only in Commodities fully complying with the International Standards.  Our target is to serve our clients reaching full satisfaction, repeat ordering and business with every client we deal with. Hence, it is the key to our success and growth; Gaining the professional reputation locally and internationally. Not only that, but also, aiming to double up our turnover every year at least once.

Global Impex Team 

Global Impex is built through Top Professional and Well Educated personal, well trained and experienced in what they are doing.  As well as that we do only use the best and most professional outsourcing if required at least once.

Our Values 

We perform every aspect in our business through top Professional Standards. We honor and perform in total respect, trust and at all times developing what we are doing. Keeping In mind Environmental aware and responsibility. We are Open to communication 24/7, assuring the best service and commodities to our Egyptian and Worldwide Clients Providing safe work environment. At all times Global Impex seeks our full customer satisfaction, Offers the best commodities at the best Worldwide Prices and Terms.